Air Conditioning Technology Advances

Air Conditioning Technology Advances

Dehumidification is a crucial word in regards to air conditioning Air Conditioning Repair Orlando Florida knows. The more humid a living area is, the harder ones air conditioning system has to operate to cool the air. The harder it has to operate, the more it will cost to stay cool at home. Basic idea.

Nanocap Technologies has been focusing on a method to get the dehumidification process to work better, particularly considering that the current technique by which this is accomplished is based on technology from 1902. Thankfully, they believed it was time for a change…and thankfully they have developed a significantly better way!

Not to be overly complex here, the method they have developed to dry air makes use of capillary condensation and then osmosis by way of a semi-permeable membrane. Exactly how this raises energy efficiency and time is due to the fact the “old way” of performing this dehumidification procedure was comprised of cooling air to the dew point so the water vaper would condense and drip off of refrigerated coils. The air after that would require to be heated to the temperature setting degree of the cooling system.

This translate to the subsequent energy savings as claimed on the Nanocap Technologies website:

  • Home air conditioning uses almost 5% of all electricity in the United States. This amount of energy costs over $15 billion per year in the U.S. alone.
  • Our process is energy efficient – there is little energy expenditure.
  • There is no need to cool air below the dew point and then reheat it to comfortable temperatures.
  • Air is pre-dried, which saves the energy used by current standard air conditioning.
  • Air conditioning would be used much less in cool, high humidity weather – further increasing savings.
  • Air conditioners will run less often and, while running, will save 20-35% of typical energy expenditure.
  • Energy savings of this magnitude amount to over $3 billion to $5.25 billion per year.


The company has created the following video to demonstrate the process as well: