Brandon Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Brandon Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Today, we want to share some normal things that any homeowner can do to keep their AC unit running effectively and perhaps even less commonly throughout the warm months.

Keeps plants cut back around the unitAir Conditioning Repair Brandon MS

Let’s face it, outdoor air conditioning condensers are unsightly and it appears that homeowners will do their best to hide them from sight. Plants, fences and trellises tend to be popular ways to go about doing this cover-up.

Yet, AC units need an adequate quantity of air flow around all sides in order to perform at peak efficiency. This is why specialists suggest that landscaping and other things be put about three feet away from the unit itself.

Tidying up leaves and other particles on a regular basis, along with trimming or cutting back shrubs, trees and other plants all help enhance the air that your device has to draw into its system.

Wash pollen and other particles off condenser

If your outdoor air condenser device is in an undetectable location, it’s really easy to ignore cleaning it regularly. But you don’t want to overlook this really easy duty. The condenser draws in air, and when it does, pollen and other particles frequently cling to its exterior. This will limit air flow and trigger a decrease in cooling effectiveness and maybe even trigger the device to overheat.

Pull out your yard hose and with a difficult stream of water, working top to bottom, hose off each side of the condenser.

Do not close any registers entirely

With a two-story home the upper level is often warmer than the lower level even with the central air running.

It holds true that closing some registers on the cooler lower floor forces more air out of the registers upstairs. The cooler air then works its method downstairs and the air temperature level ends up being more even throughout the house. Nevertheless, by doing this the air conditioning system may entirely shut off.

When completely closing some lower level registers, the coils in the unit may freeze and the A/C stops working. Thankfully, by turning off the entire cooling system and providing the coils time to thaw, it will typically be up and running again within a couple of hours.

Change the filter frequently

Preserving an air conditioning unit is all about preserving airflow. That is why it is necessary to regularly change the air filter on the system. Filter manufacturers typically mention an advised schedule for replacement (every 90 days or so) but it actually depends more on how much the unit is running and exactly how filthy the air is. During hot months it could be beneficial to alter the air filter more frequently.

Set temperatures in a programmable thermostat

It stands to reason that the less the air conditioning unit is in fact in use, the less wear and tear it endures. For any individual with a programmable thermostat, setting the temperature level by day and time is a good way to decrease the unit’s overall use.

Keep the sun out

Another exceptional method to keep the a/c unit from needing to run as commonly is to block the sun during the most popular part of the day. Throughout the hours when the sun shines in the most, blinds or drapes must be closed. By doing this the house’s interior temperature will not rise as much. Furthermore, think about planting trees or setting up awnings to diffuse a few of the sunshine.

Get an expert assessment and cleaning done each year

Before each cooling season it is a wonderful plan to obtain a routine maintenance check and cleaning done on the system by us. Service experts usually examine the control box, coils, fan motor and blades, and compressor and tubing. Additionally, refrigerant levels are inspected and adjusted if essential, and the unit cleaned.

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