Dekalb Thanksgiving Energy Conservation Tips

Dekalb Thanksgiving Energy Conservation Tips

We will not bore you with the normal trite opening to a Thanksgiving article … Water Heater Repair Dekalb actually just desires to share this infographic on saving energy this Thanksgiving weekend.

There are many means to save money on energy utilized in the kitchen while preparing your feast that are included here. Also, with all the heat generated from the kitchen area and the extra body heat in the home, one can easily turn the thermostat down as well!

thanksgiving energy saving infographic

Now back to how we opened the article … yes Water Heater Repair Dekalb likes Thanksgiving and are extremely thankful for numerous things. We didn’t wish to suggest we are not concentrated on the spirit of the holiday. It most absolutely a time to reflect on all the true blessings we have and can offer to others! Enjoy!

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