Factors Why Air Conditioning Circuit Breakers Trip

Factors Why Air Conditioning Circuit Breakers Trip

When the temperatures really go up here in Palm Beach Gardens, we get a number of telephone calls from property owners that their air conditioner continues tripping the circuit breaker. So long as one will be able to reset the breaker and will not occur all over again, all should really be alright. However, when it does continue to take place, please contact us to find out exactly what the problem could be. Dismissing the matter may possibly turn into a bigger Palm Beach Gardens Air Conditioning Repair situation. Given that the circuit breakers task is to act as a safety mechanism, when it trips there exists a good reason.

A number of the reasons how come a circuit breaker can trip happen to be a simple fix, and some are more intricate and should need aid from a professional air conditioner repair person. Below is a list of the usual reasons behind these problems and precisely what Palm Beach Gardens house owners are able to do to take care of them.

Popular Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker Challenges

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Circuit or Wiring Issues

Everything with the AC device itself could be okay. The concern may just be with the electrical wiring or the circuit breaker itself. The next things are usual motives why a circuit may possibly fail to function.

Electrical Connections are Loose
The electrical connections in the breaker box itself may very well be loose. They could become loose by temperature variations, which can trigger wires to expand and contract, the same as the temperature is capable of doing to most everything. Eventually, it is able to make the connections to loosen.

The Breaker is Bad
Breakers are produced to last a very long time nonetheless they won’t last permanently. The cautionary indications that one could possibly have a bad breaker are:
It is hot to touch
There is a burning aroma near to the breaker
Visual indications like the breaker appears like it has burn markings upon it
Wires are frayed

Trying to correct electrical items around ones house can be really unsafe! We would like to assist with any kind of obvious electrical problem with ones AC unit, including the circuit breakers.

Higher Amp Pull
If an air conditioner is trying to pull way too many amps, the cicuit breaker will probably trip. So at these times, the initial thing to check out is the reason why is the AC unit attempting to draw more amps than normal, assuming the breaker remains in good working order. Many of these situations house owners can look at fixing on their own yet others will require our assistance. The first things we will look at next are general AC maintenance topics.

Air Conditioning Breaker Repairs Palm Beach Gardens Homeowners May Repair

Dirty Air Filters
When was the most recent time the air filters for the air conditioner were replaced? As soon as the air filters are clogged, it is going to constrain the level of air getting into the air conditioning unit that can be recirculated all over the home. Not executing this one straightforward fix will cause an AC system to operate considerably harder than a large number of homeowners comprehend, and can save money on operating expenses. When replacing the air filter, remember to remember to turn the AC off initially.

Unclean Condenser Coils
Check out the condition of the coils outside the house on the AC unit to determine how clean or dirty they look. When they are beginning to be extremely dirty, they will require a decent cleaning to acquire the ideal productivity from the system. In very much the same way a clean air filter should be used, the coils need to be clean to cool down the refrigerant which absorbs heat from the air within the property. Once more, the home cooling system will try considerably harder to accomplish this process and can cause the system to pull far more amps from the circuit breaker.

AC Breaker Repairs for a Palm Beach Gardens AC Repair Professional

Listed here are a few of the larger possible explanations why ones circuit breaker is tripping, and that an expert air conditioning repair company like us should be contacted.

Low Refrigerant (and a leak)
Putting in more refrigerant to an air conditioner whenever it needs it is something absolutely to be left to us. Any time it is too low, it forces the AC unit to function harder, which, just as everything else we have described, generates much less energy efficiency. We will inspect to make certain there is not a refrigerant leak any place so the cooling system will retain the correct amount of refrigerant.

Condenser Fan Malfunctions
The condenser coils were talked about earlier, yet the fan itself that blows the air might need a repair or replacement.

Bad Capacitors
The capacitor is what starts up the compressor. They will break occasionally and this could be the case if the air conditioner is having problems starting before the circuit breaker trips. We can take care of conducting a capacitor replacement.

Other internal components
There are various other internal parts which could trigger a breaker to trip. For the sake of time, we can not cover them here.

Never be reluctant to contact us if you want for additional information concerning this, or think that you may need a breaker or AC examination. We delight in teaching property owners AC maintenance steps to take to be able to help prevent the need for a Palm Beach Gardens Air Conditioning Repair.