How to Avoid Shower Water Pressure Drops

How to Avoid Shower Water Pressure Drops

Why Does the Water Pressure Drop in the Shower When the Toilet is Flushed?

While you’re in the shower, someone unavoidably flushes the toilet and you’re unexpectedly met low water pressure, possibly

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even a shock of hot water. It’s a small inconvenience actually, however in the moment when the minutes are quickly counting down, it can also be frustrating, then some.

So why the modification in water pressure? Well right here the mystery is solved. When the toilet is flushed, the cold water supply is being partially rerouted to fill up the toilet tank. You can lose pressure if the toilet and shower are tied to the same supply line. That’s likewise the reason for the unexpected rush of hot water; only the cold water supply is being rerouted so that leaves you with only hot water for those couple of minutes.

And because every excellent secret is worthy of a solution, Plumbing Repair Rochester suggests that┬ábefore the next early morning shower and bathroom marathon comes along, turn the toilet water supply shutoff valve clockwise, however stop simply before you turn it totally off. This will slow the rate at which the toilet tank refills, however it will not impact the toilet’s flushing pressure. And, simply as important, no even more reduced water pressure or sudden shock of hot water in the shower.

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