How to Eliminate Your Frederick Water Heater Odor

How to Eliminate Your Frederick Water Heater Odor

If you have foul-smelling water originating from your water heater follow Plumbing Repair Frederick’s instructions below to get your water smelling and tasting better.

What causes water heater smell?

The most common reason for hot water smell is microorganisms in the water system.
This is more prevalent in homes that utilize well water and cities that make use of wells as their water source.

Setting your water heater temperature at 140 degrees or above should help cut down on germs development.

The best ways to remove foul-smelling water

The instructions are for cleaning your water heater with chlorine bleach (clorox).

Shut off the electric or gas supply to the tank.

Turn off the cold water supply to the tank.

Open the hot side of the kitchen area faucet to allow air to enter the tank.

Connect a yard hose to the drain valve and drain water heater.

Close the drain valve.

Now you need a method to get the bleach into the tank.
If your water heater has a flexable line where cold water enters the tank, unscrew the line from the tank.
If not, eliminate the pressure relief valve. An aspect could be eliminated from an electric water heater.

Utilize a funnel to put the bleach into the opening.
Use 5 ounces of bleach for each gallon of the tank ability.
Example – A 50 gallon water heater would need 250 ounces of bleach (about 2 gallons).

Reinstall the water line or relief line.

Refill the tank with water.

Close the hot side of the kitchen area faucet as soon as all the air is out of the line.

Run all hot water fixtures (including the dishwasher and clothing washer) up until you smell bleach.
The idea is to get rid of the germs in the water lines also.

Let the water stand in the water heater tank and water lines undisturbed for two to three hours.

Drain your tank again and refill it. Let it set undisturbed for 30 minutes and drain the one even more time.

Refill the tank. Open all the hot water components and let them run till the smell of bleach is gone consisting of the dishwasher and clothes washer.

Gas Water Heaters
Relight the water heater pilot burner.

Electric Water Heaters
Turn the power back on.

If the drain valve congests when your tring to drain the tank go to the flush hot water heater page to see how you can change the drain valve with a ball valve.

You could need to repeat this treatment more than once however usually one time looks after smelly water or water heater odor suggests Plumbing Repair Frederick.

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