Pros and Cons of Ceiling Fans

Pros and Cons of Ceiling Fans

The standard ceiling fan heats up to about 100° F when running, adding heat to a house. If no one is sitting or standing near the fan, leaving it on is senseless and disadvantageous.

Now, leaving porch fans on is bad, however nowhere near as bad as doing it indoors, particularly in the

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English: A Hunter-branded “Eclipse”, which is a basic modern ceiling fan with standard pull-chain controls for the fan motor and light kit. Own work, Jan 7, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

summertime we know at Air Conditioning Repair Jupiter FL. I am amazed at how couple of individuals understand the fundamental idea of fans – that they make you feel cool due to the movement of air throughout your skin. The exact same method a breeze cools you off, a ceiling fan can make you feel cooler, but just if you are close enough to it to feel the air blowing on you. If you can’t feel it, it is not doing any good.

What about circulating the air?

There are very few scenarios where relocating air around a residence in the summertime like this improves convenience. If there happens to be a huge temperature level distinction in between the floor and ceiling due to inadequate air sealing and insulation, it might be helpful to run a follower in reverse in the winter season to bring warm air down, however that’s not what the majority of individuals are doing.

On a relevant topic, I have actually been in houses where individuals are using their ceiling followers in the summertime but they are running in reverse, relocating air up rather of down. I once changed the fan instructions for a buddy and to his amazement, he actually felt cooler with the fan blowing towards rather of far from him.

Ceiling fans increase energy use

A 1996 research in Florida determined that utilizing ceiling fans properly can allow individuals to raise the temperature level inside by 2° F, resulting in about a 14 % yearly cooling energy cost savings.

The exact same study had that most individuals do not readjust their thermostats when utilizing ceiling followers, really enhancing their energy use instead of minimizing it.

Those fan motors are hot

Many individuals can understand that running a follower when no one is in the space squanders electricity, however the filthy little key is just how much heat they put out when running.

I always understood this, but I was examining some effectively developed budget-friendly LEED homes just recently, and among my associates had an infrared camera with him. Scanning walls and ceilings revealed that the homes were extremely well insulated and air sealed, however when the camera caught the running ceiling fan there was a big hot area at the motor. The temperature level of the motor was far greater than anything else in the room, consisting of windows exposed to direct sunlight.

When the IR image was adjusted, we determined that the follower motor was running at over 100° F. So not only is the fan not cooling individuals who are not in the space, it’s also working as a minor area heater– simply things you need for a hot summertime day.

There is hope

Now I am not recommending that we must not utilize ceiling fans– just that they should not be on if nobody is in the space. If individuals just use them when necessary and set their thermostat a bit higher, then the extra heat is a small cost to spend for the convenience and energy savings.

When selecting a ceiling fan, appearance at the effectiveness of the follower, normally revealed in CFM per watt. The Energy Star website has a list of all labeled ceiling followers in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that you can sort by efficiency. The most effective fan on the list is the Haiku by Big Ass Fans.

I handled to get an IR photo of among the company’s fans too, and, lo and behold, the temperature level of the fan’s motor at high speed is just about 81° F. If (like me) you keep your home in the high 70′s to reduced 80′s, a fan motor like this won’t make much of a distinction at all.

You do not need to invest a fortune on a ceiling fan suggests Air Conditioning Repair Jupiter FL. There are lots of effective models that are sensibly priced, and there is no reason to remove those that are working just fine. You should, nonetheless, just utilize them when they will keep you cool, and raise your thermostat when you do.

The following video gives some good tips!

Here is some information on cleaning ceiling fan blades too from, Dirty Job No. 4: Cleaning Ceiling-Fan Blades.

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