Reasons for Air Conditioner Leaks

Reasons for Air Conditioner Leaks

An air conditioner is designed to create a percentage of water while it is running as a result of condensate extraction. Nevertheless, if water is running from ones air conditioner it should be inspected immediately for something is not correct with how it is functioning. There are various locations of water leakages on an air conditioning system, though most of the time we see them happening from the same few areas. Any kind of dripping water inside the home needs to be repaired promptly, for one does not want to add water damage cleanup and repair to the general price of fixing the air conditioning system leak. Additionally, the longer the AC system goes without being fixed, the larger the leak will generally come to be.

Typical Clearwater AC System Water Leak Locations

Below are some of the most common areas where water might be leaking from ones house air conditioning system.

Condensate Tray and Drain

The additional moisture that naturally is created while the AC system is operating leaves the system from the condensate tray and drain. This tray that collects the condensate water is found at the bottom of the AC evaporator. There is a drain pipe that the tray is meant to drain into, and after that the water runs outside the house. Occasionally the drain tray might have a crack or is not tilted properly to drain water right into the drain pipe. If this holds true, the water will certainly not flow outdoors and will certainly overflow in the condensate drain tray.

One more possibility is the condensate drain itself might be clogged or have a crack in the pipe. When the drain pipe is loaded with sufficient water, the condensate tray will not be able to drain. At some point it is going to overflow and will remain to do so until the drain blockage is fixed.

Due to Reduced Refrigerant

It is an intriguing sight to see an AC unit with ice on it in the summertime. However, when the coolant level is reduced, it can create the coils in the evaporator to freeze. When this happens ice accumulates on the coils. When the system is turned off, the ice will certainly melt, triggering water to drip off the coil and onto the surface below. This melting water could result in lots of issues if the evaporator system lies in the attic of the residence.

Ductwork that is Not Insulated Effectivelyair-conditioning-duct-insulation

Due to the fact that the ductwork is steel, it is easy for it to create condensation when the temperature level changes from warm to cooler as conditioned air blows through it. By insulating the ductwork it will aid to minimizing the temperature changes and it will additionally absorb any condensation that might build up. Whenever the ductwork is not insulated, condensation could base on it and drip, creating leakage.

These are some of the common reasons ones air conditioning system be leaking water, though not the only factors. It is good for residents to be acquainted with the basics of exactly how their house cooling systems operate and to inspect them frequently to make certain water leakages, or anything else unnecessary is happening with the system. Provide a local AC repair Clearwater company a call if you are uncertain exactly what has to be provided for a repair.