Reasons For an Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker to Trip

Reasons For an Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker to Trip

When the temperatures seriously increase here in Jupiter, we receive a great deal of calls from property owners that their air conditioner keeps tripping the circuit breaker. So long as one can easily reset the breaker and will not transpire all over again, everything ought to be fine. However, if it does continue to occur, please contact us to discover just what the issue might be. Ignoring the matter might transform into a more substantial Jupiter Air Conditioning Repair matter. Since the circuit breakers task is to work as a safety instrument, if it trips there is a reason.

A number of the reasons how come a circuit breaker may trip happen to be an uncomplicated repair, and some tend to be challenging and will require the help of a specialized air conditioner repair person. Below is a list of the more usual reasons for these issues and what Jupiter property owners can do to handle them.

Popular Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker DifficultiesJupiter AC Circuit Breaker

Circuit or Wiring Issues

Everything with the AC unit itself could possibly be fine. The dilemma could be with the wiring or the circuit breaker itself. The following things are usual reasons why a circuit may possibly fail to function.

Electrical Connections are Loose
The electrical connections in the breaker box itself may be loose. They can become loose by temperature variations, which may trigger wires to expand and contract, much like the temperature is able to do to most anything. Eventually, it could possibly force the connections to become loose.

The Breaker is Bad
Breakers are produced to last a very long time yet they will not survive permanently. The cautionary signals that one could have a bad breaker are:
It is hot to touch
There exists a burning odor near the breaker
Noticeable signs like the breaker appears like it has burn marks upon it
Wires are frayed

Trying to repair electrical gadgets about ones home can be really hazardous! We would like to help with any kind of noticeable electrical concern with ones AC unit, including the circuit breakers.

Higher Amp Pull
Whenever an air conditioner is trying to pull excessive amps, the cicuit breaker will trip. Therefore at these times, the initial thing to think about is the reason why is the AC unit trying to pull more amps than normal, providing the breaker continues to be in good working order. A number of of these situations property owners can have a look at fixing on their own while others will require our assistance. The first things we will look at next are general AC maintenance topics.

Air Conditioning Breaker Repairs Jupiter Homeowners Can Repair

Dirty Air Filters
When was the last occasion the air filters for the AC unit were replaced? As soon as the air filters are dirty, it is going to restrict the amount of air going in the air conditioning unit which can be recirculated throughout the residence. Not performing this one straightforward fix causes a home cooling system to function substantially harder than most homeowners understand, and can save money on operating expenses. When replacing the air filter, remember to remember to switch the AC off first.

Dirty Condenser Coils
Take a look at the condition of the coils outside on the AC unit to see how clean or unclean they look. If they happen to be starting to look seriously unclean, they will require a decent cleaning to get the very best productivity from the system. In very much the same way a clean air filter is necessary, the coils require to be clean to cool down the refrigerant which absorbs heat from the air inside of the home. Once more, the home cooling system will operate considerably harder to accomplish this process and will result in the system to draw far more amps from the circuit breaker.

AC Breaker Repairs for a Jupiter AC Repair Specialist

Here are several of the bigger possible explanations why ones circuit breaker keeps tripping, and that a qualified air conditioning repair company like us ought to be contacted.

Low Refrigerant (and a leak)
Putting in more refrigerant to an air conditioner any time it needs it is something definitely to be left to us. Any time it is too low, it makes the AC unit to operate harder, which, much like everything else we have outlined, generates reduced energy efficiency. We will examine to be sure there isn’t a refrigerant leak any place so the cooling system will maintain the correct quantity of refrigerant.

Condenser Fan Malfunctions
The condenser coils were mentioned previously, yet the fan that blows the air might call for a repair or replacing.

Bad Capacitors
The capacitor is the part that starts up the compressor. They may wear out occasionally and that may be the issue in the event the air conditioner is experiencing difficulty starting before the circuit breaker trips. We can take care of conducting a capacitor replacement.

Other internal components
There are other internal parts that can cause a breaker to trip. For the sake of time, we will not cover them herein.

Never be reluctant to get hold of us if you want to find out more about this, or believe you might require a breaker or AC inspection. We like helping house owners with AC maintenance actions to take so as to help prevent the need for a Jupiter Air Conditioning Repair.