Tree Root Removal Tips for Raleigh Homeowners

Tree Root Removal Tips for Raleigh Homeowners

TreesRaleigh, North Carolina, is a rapidly growing metro area. The city is dryer and warmer than most of the U.S., especially during the summer, which means that having top-notch plumbing for lawn irrigation, in-home showers and other use cases is essential.

However, there is one big obstacle here: tree roots. Here’s what to do to stay ahead of that problem:

1) Use a chemical root removal solution

The challenge in removing roots from a pipe is that it is often difficult to do without damaging the pipes or other plants in the vicinity. Enter a weed killer solution such as RootX. This foaming mix of chemicals is designed to kill only the roots it comes into contact with and then leave an herbicidal residue to prevent regrowth for at least a year. A Roto-Rooter professional plumber can apply RootX via the cleanout in a sewer line and save you thousands of dollars that might otherwise have gone toward line repair.

2) Remove the roots with a mechanical cutter

If the tree roots have become too invasive to reliably and quickly remove with chemicals, you could try using a mechanical cutter such as a sewer auger. Such a device has teeth situated on a rotating head and is able to clear out the roots that may be blocking the pipe and causing water to back up in your basement or ground floor. Note that this solution is less long-lasting than using chemicals, though.

3) Dig up and repair or replace the clogged line

Years of neglect on a sewer line can permit tree roots to completely block and destroy it with hair-like masses of plant matter. When this happens, it is probably time to have a licensed plumber come over and repair or replace the pipes. The procedure can be done the traditional way by digging up the surrounding area to take out the old pipe and lay a new one. Alternatively, it can sometimes be done with a “trenchless” procedure or with simple pipe relining, in which epoxy materials are molded inside the existing line to create a seamless and durable lining.

Trees are an essential feature of the Raleigh landscape, but they can be real nuisances for residential plumbing systems. Be sure to always have your local Raleigh Roto-Rooter professional plumbing service number on hand, so that you can decisively deal with water backup and damaged lines.