What To Do When the Air Conditioner Does Not Start

What To Do When the Air Conditioner Does Not Start

It can be frightening to turn on your ac unit during a hot Florida day and have nothing occur. If your ac unit is not switching on, it could be an indicator that the system really needs expert repair works. Or it could be something simple you can care for yourself. In this post, we’ll go over reasons your air conditioning could be unresponsive and exactly what you can do about it. If the issue appears serious or this post does not assist you resolve the issue, then give Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater Florida a call to take care of your a/c.  You may also want to read our article titled, Common Air Conditioning Problems for assistance too!

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You most likely instantly wanted to see that your AC was hooked to a power source. Now you should check your breaker to see if any of them have actually been tripped. Go to the outdoor compressor and see to it its power switch is on. An improperly set thermostat can likewise trigger your air conditioning unit to think that it does not should turn on. The thermostat may be incorrectly adjusted, which requires professional service to fix.

A burnt out capacitor

The beginning capacitor in an air conditioning unit is a cylindrical device that transmits voltage to the motors each time the Air Conditioning turns on. Capacitors can burn out after considerable use or if they develop damages in their electrical wiring. If the capacitor fails, then no power will get to the motors to start operation. Do not attempt to repair or change a capacitor yourself– the danger of a high voltage shock is too fantastic.

The overload relay

If your AC makes odd buzzing and clicking sound as it tries to start, then the overload/relay that shields the compressor might be avoiding it from turning on. The compressor is responsible for sending refrigerant with the air conditioner, so if it doesn’t start, the ac unit will not work. Just like the capacitor, compressors require care from specialists to repair or replace.

Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater Florida is here for any help you may need!

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