Why Use an Air Conditioner Cover

Why Use an Air Conditioner Cover

As part of ones routine activities to do around the house to have it all set for the cold season, one should consider some winterizing steps for the air conditioning system too. It is crucial if one wishes to lower the possible problems that can happen to the outdoor air condenser unit. The inside pieces of the AC system will be fine over the winter months, but the potential problems because of debris doing harm to the outdoor cooling system components are what one ought to be aware of.

Clearwater AC Repair Dangers of Moisture and DebrisClearwater AC Repair

The greatest threat to the AC unit during the fall and winter months is from tree branches and leaves. Dirt and dust aren’t good either, but falling particles is the most crucial thing to safeguard the AC condenser from.

Falling debris blended with water from rainfall or melting snow creates a thick sludge that could readily clog drain holes in an HVAC system. Outside AC pieces are built in order to drain water, but include the sludge and before long it will eventually not be able to drain. As water accumulates inside of the condenser unit, it can cause harm to the electrical components, result in rusting, and in short order lead to unwanted AC repairs.

We have noticed property owners who made their own covers for the outside HVAC system out of plywood, tarps, and plenty of many other materials. Although they might be a decent short-term fix, all normally never will enable the appropriate amount of air flow required. If the AC unit was to operate and insufficient air can enter the system, it can run much harder than necessary and could burn out the parts over time.

The ideal thing Clearwater property owners can do is get an air conditioning cover created for ones AC unit. Acquiring the correct cover enables the ventilation of air which will be required for the cooling system. Most HVAC companies produce covers that will work. Tell us if you need assistance finding the suitable one for your system. They do not cost a great deal of money and are quick to install oneself. If you wish for us to setup the cover we will give the system a very good cleaning first, to be sure their is no sludge build-up currently.

Some AC covers are made to never need to be removed, and are UV-resistant and can last probably as long as the HVAC system does also.

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